Bingham Creek Streambed and Residential Clean-up, South Jordan UT.

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Impacted Residual Water

Anaconda-operated mills in Bingham Canyon deposited impacted residual water into Bingham Creek for many years. Bingham Creek water was then used by local farmers for irrigation in the Salt Lake Valley. The EPA placed the residential neighborhoods that were developed on the former flood plain on the NPL list in 1996.

Existing Conditions and Residential Remediation Plans

Anderson was hired by the Atlantic Richfield to complete existing condition drawings and prepare residential remediation plans for over 120 homes in the area. During project implementation, 123 yards were sampled for impacted soil and field surveyed for existing conditions. Contaminated soils were excavated and removed and then restored with clean fill and landscaped. Contaminated soil was removed from the streambed and the channel was stabilized with rock revetment. Anderson’s project work included:

  • Construction drawings and document preparation
  • Solicitation of construction proposals
  • Bid evaluations
  • Construction oversight and safety monitoring

Anderson continues as the Engineer of Record for the site and interfaces with agencies during annual and five year reviews.

Bingham Creek Streambed and Residential Clean-up, South Jordan, UT

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