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Engineering is more than technical expertise. It’s a collaborative effort that incorporates technical skill with innovative consulting, management, and workforce. At Anderson Engineering, we are prepared to offer our clients the complete breadth of our 30+ years of proficiency. We invest in the most advanced technology and the most capable people, offering our clients’ decades of problem-solving and know-how.

We offer customized, client-led solutions in civil engineering, environmental compliance and engineering, survey & LIDAR, project and construction management, GIS mapping and data management, and engineering field services. Founded in 1985, today we have offices in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Washington.

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Right Tools. Right Methods. Right People.

Right Tools. Right Methods. Right People.


Right Tools.

Our attention to detail means we develop and maintain new methods and technologies that save you time and money. Our AESTEP field sata collection program has saved clients $1.7 million in three years.

Right Methods.

As a "big small company," we are able to move quickly. You work with Anderson Engineering because you want more responsive service and faster implementation of innovative ideas.

Right People.

We are committed to you and your project for the long-term. Many of our clients have been working with us for over twenty years.

Work with Anderson.

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Why Clients Choose Anderson

As a "big small company" we are flexible.

Every member of our team is empowered to take ownership and fulfill your requirements – without slowing the project down.

We are educated and trained.

Every person on your project – including the field techs is a degree STEM professional with relevant industry specific and extensive company training.

We are dedicated.

We are with you for the long-term, and create lasting solutions, not quick-fixes. We have been working with some clients for twenty+ years.

We innovate for you.

We constantly develop and implement new methods and technologies that save you time and money. Our AESTEP field data collection program has saved clients $1.7 million in three years.

We are award winning.

Utah Best of State. ZWEIG Group Hot Firm, Utah Safety Council No Accidents.

Safety on the job must be integrated into the culture of the company.

It’s not enough to be safety-minded. At Anderson Engineering, we place the highest value on proper risk assessment, mitigating hazards, and utmost compliance with OSHA, MSHA, and Client requirements. Our people are trained regularly on their roles, with constant awareness on behavior-based safety and daily hazard recognition. And we conduct regular internal safety audits to monitor compliance and provide guidance.

Senior Leadership Team


Steven D. Anderson, P.E.,S.E.

 In his 35+ years as a civil engineer, Steve has focused on civil and environmental reclamation engineering with an emphasis in site planning and design, utility design, stormwater management, environmental compliance, assessments and reclamation in Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Montana.

Construction Engineering

Christopher Sanchez, CSP

Chris has over 30 years experience  in environmental engineering (with an emphasis in compliance, remedial investigations, water pollution) and reclamation as well as project planning and construction management. Chris has also prepared and implemented safety programs that have resulted in zero project incidents and injuries.  .

Environmental Engineering

Kevin Cosper, PE

With 30 years’ experience in environmental compliance and reclamation with mine closures, residential cleanups, petroleum waste investigations and remediation, RI/FS under CERCLA, and hazardous waste investigations.

Well Plugging and Abandonment

Chuck Roberts, PG

With 28 years in well plugging, capping, abandonment, and demolition, he leads the project management and coordination in decommissioning wells in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Utah, and Louisiana in compliance with RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, SARA, and CWA regulations.

Surveying and LIDAR

Rick Tate, PLS

Rick excels at topographical, ALTA surveys, construction site surveys, and LIDAR scanning and 3D modeling, Rick leads our teams of surveyors across Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho. 

Engineering Design

Ryan Eddy, PE, SE

Ryan leads teams of civil engineers, environmental engineers and structural engineers in the preparation of engineering drawings, reclamation engineering design, telecommunications tower design and structural analysis.

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Offices in Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Florida.

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