Brownfield Site Redevelopment in Utah

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As a resident of Salt Lake City, it is natural that you want to be informed about upcoming real estate development projects in your area. Maybe your region contains several brownfield sites, which could affect the health and safety of your neighborhood.

What is a Brownfield Site?

Brownfields are areas where specialized redevelopment or expansion is necessary because current conditions are hazardous. When assessing these areas, there is typically a pollutant, contaminant, or otherwise dangerous substance uncovered that require cleanup before any additional actions can be taken. If you live near one of these brownfields, you may be concerned about the impact that site may have on the surrounding area.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) has been established to provide a foundation of funding for brownfield development. Reclamation engineering and CERCLA work together to respond to community needs for this type of specialized restoration. As a result of grants from both the EPA and CERCLA, there are several new and ongoing reclamation design and construction projects for brownfields in Salt Lake Valley.

Recent Brownfield Site Redevelopment Projects in Utah

Centro Civico Mexicano

Centro Civico Mexicano completed a grant-funded project for hazardous soil removal. This site will now be a low-cost senior housing option in downtown Salt Lake City.

Geneva Road Corridor - Orem, UT

Orem City was granted EPA funds to draft an action plan for the redevelopment of several brownfields near the Geneva Road Corridor.

Carbon County

Carbon County Utah won an EPA brownfields grant.
Carbon County won an EPA Brownfields Program Coalition Community-Wide Assessment Grant to develop cleanup plans. Focus areas will include brownfields in East Carbon, Price, Helper, and Wellington.

Herriman Town Centre

Herroman Towne Center Brownfield Redevelopment
Portions of the Herriman Towne Center required impacted soil removal prior to redevelopment. Anderson Engineering lead soil removal activities.

How can Brownfields be Cleaned?

Brownfield site assessment tools and resources have also been provided by organizations such as Envision Utah to help encourage faster brownfield redevelopment under current standards. The EPA itself has created the Target Brownfields Assessment service to further assist in brownfields project planning. These open-source resources are designed to ensure best practices across the board for your local brownfields’ cleanup and restoration.

With these reclamation and site remediation projects, you can rest assured that the brownfields within your area are being expertly redeveloped for improved usage as well as the health of your community.

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