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Most companies have competent employees. But at Anderson, we take it one step further. We empower project managers through our process to take stewardship of respective projects and client relationships. This gives them free reign to dive deep into project execution and ensure that your objectives are met – without slowing the timeline down. Our construction managers, project managers, and project coordinators provide construction, structural, and engineering inspections to ensure the requirements of the engineering design, construction drawings, and specifications are met.

Construction Management Project Controls

Early detection and mitigation of issues lead to successful project delivery and contract administration. We deploy an efficient graphical and data-driven process to track elements of budget, schedule, and risk management to our clients. This includes scope management, budget tracking, project status reporting, quality control documentation and more. The system is customizable for each client and is available to you in real-time, giving you secure access to all contract documents, invoices and project files.

Engineering Field Services

Our team of engineers, geologists and environmental scientists are experienced in providing on-location field services in support of your reclamation project. Everyone at Anderson is trained and certified in HAZWOPER, MSHA, and first-aid, enabling us to safely meet requirements for performing materials testing, land surveying, project coordination, and contract management for reclamation projects under CERCLA and RCRA regulatory requirements. By using our integrated services you receive one cohesive team of field support, a higher quality product with a single point of responsibility and faster delivery – while still saving money.

Construction Surveying and As-Built Drawings

We specifically integrate a team of Professional Licensed Surveyors into each project team. This provides a fast turn-around as well as personalized solutions to your survey (ATLA, topography), GIS mapping and LIDAR scanning and modeling needs. For most of our construction clients we provide topographical, ALTA, engineering surveys and quantity surveys through LIDAR scanning and modeling, traditional survey and GPS, and GIS data collection, management, and mapping.

GIS Data and Data Management

Good GIS mapping and analysis begin with technical and sufficient spatial data collection. To achieve this goal, we designed and built a customized data collection tool – AESTEP. AESTEP is a cutting edge data collection method and system. The platform integrates data collected from the field supported with cloud-based relationship and GIS servers, allowing information to be processed and reported efficiently. 
What we do with that data differentiates us even more. We put the collected data to work immediately, allowing real-time access to collected data. This method allows us to complete full characterization studies, reports, and supporting documentation just a few days after the completion of field activities.

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

La Terre Heritage Well Decommissioning

New safer approach to plugging and abandonment As the Gulf Coast inland areas steadily diminish, many historic plugs are becoming visible above sediment line. This causes an environmental risk and navigational hazard. Anderson was retained

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

McIlhenny Heritage Well Decommissioning

Well capping from specially designed work platforms The Mcllhenny plugging and abandonment project is located in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. Due to the project’s challenging location, barges were used to straddle the well and a crane

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Engineering is more than technical expertise. It’s a collaborative effort that incorporates technical skill with innovative consulting, management, and workforce.

At Anderson Engineering, we are prepared to offer our clients the complete breadth of our 30+ years of proficiency. We invest in the most advanced technology and the most capable people, offering our clients’ decades of problem-solving and know-how.

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municipal solid waste
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Municipal Solid Waste and Promontory Point

There is also ample opportunity within Salt Lake City to recycle some of the waste that is typically found in landfills. Some recyclable waste types include envelopes, aluminum cans, newspapers, certain plastic containers, and cardboard. Recycling allows quality materials to be reused for new products, reducing the amount of commercial waste.

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Brownfield Site Redevelopment in Utah

As a resident of Salt Lake City, it is natural that you want to be informed about upcoming real estate development projects in your area. Maybe your region contains several brownfield sites, which could affect the health and safety of your neighborhood. What is a Brownfield Site? Brownfields are areas

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Fire Classifications

Having a fire extinguisher is not enough. You need to have the proper fire extinguisher. This simple poster quickly communicates the proper fire extinguisher for the proper solution.

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