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Duck Club Mine Site Reclamation

Anderson Engineering leads the subsurface investigation at the Duck Club in Salt Lake City, UT.

Working under the Voluntary Cleanup Program

Amoco operated refineries in North Salt Lake for many years and has previously completed remedial work in areas impacted by their operations. In 2012, the Anderson team was retained to complete characterization sampling and prepare the Conceptual Site Model for the former repository area.

"State cleanup program plays a significant role in assessing and cleaning up brownfield sites. State cleanup programs typically are programs authorized by state statues to address brownfields and other lower-risk sites that are not of federal interest." Tweet

Reclamation efforts on the site are on-going in coordination with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and the Principal Responsible Party. Site Characterization activities included:

  • Insitu x-ray fluorescence unit (XRF)
  • Hand excavated surficial samples
  • Boreholes via geoprobe


Faster Data Collection with AESTEP

Data was collected through our state of the art sampling protocol and system, AESTEP. The AESTEP platform uses a proprietary iOS application on our field iPads integrated with backend servers to collect field data and process it in real-time, reducing repetitive data entry. Using AESTEP we can attach GPS-coordinates to all collected field documentation, including individual GPS-coordinates for all XRF-readings. Further, with AESTEP we can produce full characterization studies, reports and supporting GIS documentation within just a few days of completing field sampling activities.

Duck Club, Salt Lake City, UT

Deeper Resources

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