Due Diligence and Characterization

Phase I/II/III

EPA environmental regulations require that every commercial property transaction undergo a Phase I or Phase II site investigation and environmental analysis. While this investigation is relatively small, it is one of the most vital aspects of a new property in terms of liability protection and budgeting. Our Phase I and Phase II property assessments cover our clients for real estate transactions, banking, oil and gas, telecommunications, NEPA projects and more.

Environmental Impact Statements

Because we are aware of the downstream effects of upstream work, our environmental site assessments and environmental impact statements meet the environmental compliance requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. We propose insightful alternatives and data-driven expertise throughout Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. We are experts in environmental assessments for oil and gas, transmission and power development, transportation, water resource development and land development.

Soil Pollution Testing, Investigation, Survey

Our team of environmental engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists are trained to collect soil samples that meet your project’s environmental compliance requirements and are certified by third-party independent labs when required. We have collected thousands of samples of projects through Insitu x-ray fluorescence units (XRF), hand excavated surficial samples, boreholes, open pit and open pit excavations. Using our AESTEP program we are able to complete reports within 48-hours of receiving lab samples.

Water Pollution, Quality Monitoring, Analysis and Sampling

Our water quality plans focus on water pollution abatement of mining and hydrocarbon releases and associated impacts to groundwater and surface water. These solutions allow our clients to comply with the environmental regulations of the Clean Water Act for groundwater and surface water quality standards in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Our expertise and relationships with each state’s municipalities aid us in efficiently developing and installing surface water monitoring stations, collected water quality sampling in remote locations, and on-going monitoring for multiple project sites.

Groundwater Sampling, Analysis and Monitoring

Anderson’s field teams use advanced investigation techniques and software modeling to perform groundwater contamination characterization programs. With our modeling we compute groundwater contouring, pollutant contouring, groundwater flows direction/velocity modeling, risk context modeling, remedy selection exploration and 2D/3D data visualizations. These investigations provide the basis for preparing environmental assessments, site conceptual models, and design options for remediation and long-term groundwater monitoring.

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