Environmental Engineering

We provide environmental engineering services for mining, energy, and infrastructure development. Our services include CERCLA (superfund) radiological waste site, active/dormant mining, and oil/gas decommissioning.

Remediation Engineering

Our reclamation engineering and design teams are adept at reading current site conditions and providing concise plans for restoration and providing a safe and useful final land surface. We manage hydraulic design, water treatment, soil remediation and vegetation design, and provide construction drawings and specifications to document every step.

Decommissioning and Closure Engineering

When a facility has fulfilled its purpose, we mitigate the hazards, anticipated end-use, long-term sustainability requirements, impact of cultural and biological resources, constructability, and finally – work aggressively to minimize long-term cost associated with the site.

Environmental Compliance

With dozens of conservation acts in nearly every state, a thorough understanding of these laws is essential. Anderson Engineering has worked for 30+ years, and can address them in multiple jurisdictions. We also have prepared Site-wide Waste Management Plans to manage hazardous waste, Special waste, and non-regulated (non-hazardous) wastes, and RCRA Bevill Exempted Materials. Our team provides environmental regulatory compliance and consulting expertise to some of the largest mining companies in the world, and is intimately familiar with all CERCLA processes.

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municipal solid waste

Municipal Solid Waste and Promontory Point

There is also ample opportunity within Salt Lake City to recycle some of the waste that is typically found in landfills. Some recyclable waste types include envelopes, aluminum cans, newspapers, certain plastic containers, and cardboard. Recycling allows quality materials to be reused for new products, reducing the amount of commercial waste.

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Brownfield Site Redevelopment in Utah

As a resident of Salt Lake City, it is natural that you want to be informed about upcoming real estate development projects in your area. Maybe your region contains several brownfield sites, which could affect the health and safety of your neighborhood. What is a Brownfield Site? Brownfields are areas

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

St. Loius Tunnel, Rico, Colorado

Relief Well Design and Construction In 2015 a debris plug, consisting of collapsed soil and mine timbers ar the entrance to the Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado broke free, releasing three million gallons of contaminated water into the Animas River. The water, containing high levels of arsenic, lead, and

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Phase I utah
Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

Rio Tinto Kennecott Sitewide Soil Management

Soil Characterization, Remediation, and Reporting Anderson provides field environmental services on behalf of Rio Tinto Kennecott. One of the largest mining and processing operations in the world. Today, the second-largest copper producer in the US, Kennecott Utah Copper provides about 18-25% of US copper needs. Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine is

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

Jackpile-Paguate Uranium Mine

Operated from 1953 to 1982 The Jackpile-Paguate Uranium Mine site is located at the Laguna Pueblo, about 40 miles west of Albuquerque in Paguate, Cibola County, New Mexico. The site consists of three former tribal leases within the Laguna Pueblo. The former leaseholder, Anaconda Minerals Company, a division of Atlantic

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

Bingham Creek Streambed and Residential Clean-up, South Jordan UT.

Impacted Residual Water Anaconda-operated mills in Bingham Canyon deposited impacted residual water into Bingham Creek for many years. Bingham Creek water was then used by local farmers for irrigation in the Salt Lake Valley. The EPA placed the residential neighborhoods that were developed on the former flood plain on the

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