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F-33 Uranium Mine Closure

Site History

The F-33 Mine is an underground uranium mine that operated from 1954 to 1959. The mine is in the Grants Uranium District in Cibola County, New Mexico. The primary commodity extracted was uranium with vanadium, fluorine, and barium as secondary products. The mine is located on private land and was operated by the Anaconda Company. At the time of characterization, the remaining evidence of the five-year production run included waste rock dumps, vertical vent raises, open adits, and miscellaneous debris from frames and buildings used during the mining activity.

Site Characterization, Closure Plan, Construction Management

Atlantic Richfield Company hired Anderson Engineering, our primary roles and responsibilities were:

  • Chemical and radiation site characterization
  • Reclamation design for remediation of remaining hazards
  • Preparation of the Mine Closure Plan
  • Working with agencies for approval of the Closure Plan
  • Project and construction management of the closure implementation
  • Quality control of closure construction (geotechnical and radiation compliance)
  • Preparation of final closure report for state submittal

The F-33 Uranium Mine Closure received the Excellence in Mine Reclamation Award for the New Mexico Mining and Mineral Division for Outstanding Mine Reclamation.

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