Masterfully Designed Townhome Community

Harvest Village

Problem: How to make money in a townhome development as a small builder?

A Case Study in Integrating Design, Land Survey, Civil Engineering, and Landscape Architecture

Harvest Village Development is a small builder in need of a product mix that will allow them to sell townhomes at a higher price. 

Production builders have cornered the market on entry-level pricing. So Harvest Village needs to create a different product that will sell for more but still be affordable.

How do you sell a townhome for the same price as a home?

Design a townhome community more attractive than a stand-alone house.

The problem with selling high-end townhomes is you start to compete against builders selling stand-alone houses. But selling entry-level townhomes you are competing against builders like DR Horton and Edge Homes who can build these units much cheaper due to their scale and buying power.

We needed to find something different, an alternative product that will sell for more but still be affordable, and cost less than a new standalone house. We needed to hit the niche of people who could choose either a premium townhome or an entry-level house.

The Process and Solution

Integrate Architectural Design, Surveying, Civil Design and Landscape Architecture

Create a townhome community that is as nice as a master-planned subdivision with townhomes that feel like single-family homes and with the upgrades options of a production builder included.

Anderson worked with the developer and Curtis Miner Architects to create an innovative townhouse design with 4 finished bedrooms (5th optional), a 2-car garage, 3 1/2 bathrooms, loft/study areas, and oversized windows. In short, take a premium production home design and fit it in a townhouse – then add premium design features and finish outs that reflect the Utah market.

From there, Anderson re-worked the site design and landscaping to give the feel of a stand-alone home but in a townhouse development.

We added additional green space and water-wise landscaping throughout the neighborhood giving residents room to enjoy life outdoors, while the convenient location and trails make it easy to get around by bike or car. Plus the kid-friendly amenities make it a place for families to stay for five-to-seven years versus the typical three-year townhome turnover.

The Result

Harvest Village is a townhome community that's green, healthy, and spacious.

It is also financially successful – selling for 20-30% more than other townhome developments. But it’s just not entry-level buyers. Harvest Village is selling to entry-level, second, downsizers, upsizers, and everyone in between.


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We work with you from the beginning to create spaces that are beautiful and functional for people while also addressing regulatory requirements. We have broad expertise in stormwater management systems, water quality control facilities, detention ponds/retention basins/wetlands mitigation. Our open space recreational amenities including trails and parkways that serve our communities efficiently while protecting the environment.

Create a space that is beautiful for people to enjoy.