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At Anderson, you’ll immediately be involved in impactful projects from Day One.  Projects like designing a 186,000-lb bridge and building it without stopping production of nuclear-sub parts.

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 Answers to many of the most common questions our current and past interns have asked.

Anderson Engineering provides several internship programs that allow students to gain practical experience in various fields, such as Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, and other STEM-based programs. These internship programs are designed to allow interns to tackle real-world engineering challenges and apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in classroom settings.

Yes, we hire both seasonal and year-round employees.

Full-time employees are eligible for a range of benefits, including health insurance, retirement savings plans, paid time off, and other perks. We prioritize our employees’ well-being and success and are committed to providing them with the support they need. If you have any questions about our employee benefits, please ask.

Anderson offers flexible scheduling options that are designed to accommodate the needs of students, including those who are currently enrolled in school.

As an intern at Anderson Engineering, you’ll work on real-world challenges, collaborate with other engineers, attend training sessions, network with professionals, and receive mentorship from experienced engineers. This hands-on experience will provide an invaluable foundation for your future in engineering.

Anderson Engineering is a company that provides a broad spectrum of services in diverse fields like Civil Engineering, Environmental Remediation, Surveying, and Structural Engineering.

To apply for an internship, click on the Schedule an Interview button, and then from there, fill out the form. If you have a resume, great; if you don’t, that is alright.

Anderson Engineering is currently looking for interns who are enrolled in a degree program related to the internship field, such as Civil, Environmental, Geology, and STEM-based programs. While a strong academic record is important, we also value practical skills and experience, such as engineering software proficiency or lab equipment experience. In addition, we also value soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication, as our interns often work in diverse teams and need to articulate their ideas effectively. Lastly, we are interested in candidates who exhibit a genuine interest in our work and a commitment to engineering innovation.

As an intern at Anderson Engineering, you will have the opportunity to work in both team-based and individual project settings. We strongly believe in the value of collaborative work and leverage the diverse skills of our team members to tackle complex engineering problems. However, we also recognize the importance of individual contributions and provide opportunities for interns to take ownership of certain tasks within larger projects. This structure provides a comprehensive learning experience, allowing interns to not only enhance their technical skills but also develop crucial teamwork and leadership abilities.

Interns at Anderson Engineering are provided with comprehensive training and mentorship opportunities. We believe that learning is a continuous process, especially in the ever-evolving field of engineering. Therefore, we arrange regular training sessions that focus on different aspects of engineering work, from technical skill enhancement to project management techniques. In terms of mentorship, each intern is assigned a mentor – usually an experienced engineer or team lead – who guides them throughout their internship journey. This one-on-one mentorship model ensures personalized attention and creates an environment where interns feel comfortable asking questions, seeking advice, or discussing any challenges they face.

Absolutely! At Anderson Engineering, we firmly believe in the value of practical, hands-on experience. As an intern, you’ll be involved in real projects from the start, allowing you to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical tasks. You can anticipate working on meaningful projects contributing to our engineering endeavors. This might include assisting with design work, conducting research, performing tests, interpreting data, or contributing to project reports. We strive to ensure that our interns comprehensively understand our operations and the engineering field. This hands-on approach to learning enhances technical skills and provides insight into the workings of the industry, preparing interns for their future careers.

Internship opportunities exist to transition into full-time positions at Anderson Engineering. While we cannot guarantee a full-time role for every intern, we evaluate our interns’ performance keenly. Those who demonstrate exceptional skills, commitment, and a strong alignment with our company’s values often have a good chance of receiving a full-time job offer upon completing their internship. We believe the internship is a perfect chance for both the intern and our company to gauge a good fit, making this transition a natural process.