Long-term Operation, Management and Monitoring

Sometimes a site requires long-term maintenance, which is where the right partner can provide economic and logistical value. Anderson offers long-term plans that help you maintain your land using our proprietary technological, environmental, and financial tools.

LTOMM Plan Development

For some reclamation sites, it is not cost-effective or feasible to allow unrestricted land use on the site. We work with you to develop a long term operation and maintenance plan, detailing how the reclaimed land will be managed, what protections are included, and what the annual cost of the maintenance will be. For 30 years we have worked with state environmental departments and the EPA to develop plans which include institutional controls, easements, inspections, and more.

Reclaimed Land Annual Inspections

Reclaimed land needs to be protected by regular maintenance. We do this through regular inspections, maintenance activities, groundwater sampling, and other tasks, primarily by using our cutting edge system, AESTEP. The AESTEP platform uses apps on our field tablets integrated with backend servers to collect data. The servers process the data in real time. Using AESTEP we are able to attach GPS-coordinates to all collected field documentation, including individual GPS coordinates for all XRF and Nuclear Density readings. Further, with AESTEP we are able to produce full sampling studies, reports, and supporting GIS documentation just days after completing field material sampling and testing activities.

Five-Year Regulatory Reviews

Reclaimed properties need to be reviewed every five-years to ensure that remediation measures continue to protect human health and the environment. The five-year review also serves as the primary milestone to determine whether the institutional controls and monitoring programs are effective and continue to meet the long-term maintenance objectives. Our reclamation construction and engineering field services aid companies to conduct five-year reviews and reports in accordance with the National Contingency Plan and EPA guidance for five-year reviews. We provide engineering and financial analysis in the review to determine if changes are needed.

Soil Conservation, Erosion Control, and Management

Anderson’s services protect the structural and engineering caps placed on waste repositories long-term. This includes a combination of soil conservation tools and techniques. Our services also protect the ecosystem of wildlife, insects, and vegetation, and manage stormwater runoff on the site. These programs greatly reduce the amount of soil erosion.

Surface and Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Our proprietary programs greatly reduce the presence of groundwater pollution and potential movement of the plume. We regularly collect data which is implemented into the groundwater modeling and used to compute groundwater contouring, groundwater pollutant contouring, groundwater flows direction/velocity modeling, risk context modeling, remedy selection exploration, and 2D/3D data visualization. These models allow us to determine if the groundwater pollution plume has remained stable and if additional groundwater reclamation is required.

Land-use Plans

Our land use planning team is comprised of environmental engineers, landscape architects, and financial analysts who work with you to maximize the economic and social value of your property. As a team, we work with clients to develop long-term land use plans to protect remediated land for years to come. Our programs provide documentation of the plans including: institutional controls, CERCLA documents (work plans, consent decrees, responses to a record of decisions), prepared vegetation and water resource plans, and physical hazard surveys.

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