Oil and Gas Decommissioning

We partner with large oil field clients to provide specialized project management, project planning, and human health, safety, and environmental oversight functions and construction for oil field and oil well-decommissioning projects. Our program spans five states and counting, with an excellent safety record and successful completion results.

Project Planning and Management

Project management and planning to decommission activities are completed to meet the requirements of the jurisdictional authority. Anderson intimately understands the government regulations, contractual obligations, and regulatory requirements of oil and gas field projects. Our project planning services provide engineering analysis, cost estimates, operations, and safety and environmental assessments to limit your liability.  

Permitting and Environmental Compliance

Our Execution Plans are specifically prepared to meet the requirements to secure federal, state, and local permits. This process can be lengthy, but our EP includes all environmental assessments, analysis, existing conditions surveys, schedule of decommissioning activities and the resource plans required to successfully carry out decommissioning, well plugging, and reclamation. We have successfully secured permits from BOEMRE, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Environmental Protection Agency, and individual state’s environmental departments.

Well Plugging and Abandonment

Our integrated contractor and field services team provide high-level well plugging and abandonment services. Services include:

  • Well entry preparations
  • Filling the well with fluid
  • Removal of the downhole equipment
  • Clearing out the wellbore
  • Plugging open-hole and perforated intervals
  • Plugging casing stubs
  • Plugging of annular space
  • Placement of  a surface plug

Finally, we remove the conductor, the platform, any associated pipelines and power cables and reclaim the soil, water, and groundwater for a safe and compliant finish. 

Oil and Gas Field Decommissioning and Reclamation

Land reclamation is often required as part of the oil and gas field decommission. Anderson engineers prepare a land reclamation package for each reclamation site. We do this through environmental assessments, engineering design, construction management and long-term operations management. Once the reclamation package is complete and approved, our contractor and field services crews provide you with a fully reclaimed property. 

Human, Health, Safety, and Environmental Oversight

Prior to implementation of all work, we conduct a preliminary risk assessment and HSSE review. This consists of a review of the scope of work, identification of the site, task-specific hazards, a development of written project specific health and safety plans.  Specific Task Risk Assessments are prepared to identify hazards and provide mitigations. Anderson utilizes only those professionals that are competent to accomplish the tasks assigned. We also train and prepare employees to achieve the work assigned. (We are certified with Browz and PICs.) Our team uses several tools to monitor behavior and compliance including principal/project manager audits, database tracking and continual training for all field engineers.

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

La Terre Heritage Well Decommissioning

New safer approach to plugging and abandonment As the Gulf Coast inland areas steadily diminish, many historic plugs are becoming visible above sediment line. This causes an environmental risk and navigational hazard. Anderson was retained

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

McIlhenny Heritage Well Decommissioning

Well capping from specially designed work platforms The Mcllhenny plugging and abandonment project is located in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. Due to the project’s challenging location, barges were used to straddle the well and a crane

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Project Cost Control for Engineering Design

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