Rico Mine Site Reclamation

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Since 1986, Anderson Engineering and other key team members have performed important remediation work in Rico, Colorado. Our knowledge of the site history is unsurpassed, as it our understanding of the residents, agency staff, and stakeholders.

The Rico Mining district in Southwest Colorado contains several former mines and mill sites that were operated by or had historic ties to Anaconda Minerals. In 1986, Atlantic Richfield, as part of the remediation team, retained Anderson Engineering to review options and complete remedial designs for the former Argentine Mill and several mine sites in the valley. Since 1986, we have continued to assist with construction management and technical oversight for the ongoing construction of remedial features and wetlands treatment facilities occurring in the Rico area. Restoration work has included construction of a soil repository, cleanup and restoration of residential properties in the central valley, reclaiming several historic mine adits and dump sites, and assistance with operation and monitoring the demonstration wetlands treatment cells.

Rico Mine Site - water pollution remediation

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