Rio Tinto Kennecott Sitewide Soil Management

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Soil Characterization, Remediation, and Reporting

Anderson provides field environmental services on behalf of Rio Tinto Kennecott. One of the largest mining and processing operations in the world.

Today, the second-largest copper producer in the US, Kennecott Utah Copper provides about 18-25% of US copper needs. Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine is one of the largest man-made excavations in the world. It is one of the top producing copper mines in the world with cumulative production of over 19 million tons of copper.

Soil Characterization, Surveying, GIS Mapping, Laboratory Analysis, and Reporting

Anderson provides Rio Tinto Kennecott a fully-integrated soil management solution. Over the last eight years of effort, this work has included the collection of 5,000+ soil samples across the seven different Kennecott properties. Each soil sample includes extensive documentation of 50-60 data points including photos, sub-meter GPS coordinates, and mapping the extents of disturbed and impacted soil. 


  • 6,000 Anderson collected soil samples
  • 675 Ground Disturbance/Reclamation areas surveyed and mapping in GIS
  • 6457 Historical samples coded for inclusion in the sitewide GIS database
  • 65,000 XRF readings with gps-coordinates
  • 20,000 photos
  • 200 Post-Characterization Report
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