Know Your Site. Know Your Risk.

Understanding all the environmental risk with mining protects the environment and you from long-term financial liability.

What's Inside?


  • Collection and Analysis of Exisiting Data
  • Establishment of Current Conditions on Site
  • Site Conceptual Model

Site Characterization

  • Field Investigation
  • Extent of Contamination

Data Analysis

  • Site Characterizations
  • Source Characterization
  • Nature and Extent of Contamination

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Anderson Engineering is an amazing, creative, detailed, and action-driven partner to work with. Few people are able to go from the high-level, 30,000-foot view, to technical detail, to boots on the ground as fast and effectively as Anderson.
David Christensen
CEO, Lands Holdings Inc.

Liability Minimization.

We work every day to protect people and business like yours from unforeseen environmental liabilities and issues.