Know Your Site. Know Your Risk.

Understanding all the environmental risk with mining protects the environment and you from long-term financial liability.

environmental engineering

What's Inside?


  • Collection and Analysis of Exisiting Data
  • Establishment of Current Conditions on Site
  • Site Conceptual Model

Site Characterization

  • Field Investigation
  • Extent of Contamination

Data Analysis

  • Site Characterizations
  • Source Characterization
  • Nature and Extent of Contamination

Passionate Doers at Big and Small Companies Use Anderson

Anderson Engineering is an amazing, creative, detailed, and action-driven partner to work with. Few people are able to go from the high-level, 30,000-foot view, to technical detail, to boots on the ground as fast and effectively as Anderson.
David Christensen
CEO, Lands Holdings Inc.
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Liability Minimization.

We work every day to protect people and business like yours from unforeseen environmental liabilities and issues.