Solve Old Problems with New Technology

We solve old engineering and environmental problems by combining new technologies, methods, and experienced professionals.

Customized Solutions Since 1985

Engineering is more than technical expertise. It’s a collaborative effort that incorporates technical skills with innovative consulting, management, and workforce. At Anderson Engineering, we are prepared to offer our clients the complete breadth of our proficiency. We invest in the most advanced technology and the most capable people, offering our clients’ decades of problem-solving and know-how.

We offer customized, client-led solutions in civil engineering, environmental compliance and engineering, survey & LIDAR, project and construction management, GIS mapping and data management, and engineering field services.

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Are we a good fit?

We work best with clients in Mining, Energy, Industrial, Telecommunications, Commercial & REIT, and Construction.

If you work in these sectors – our products and services are specifically tailored to you and your team.

Why Clients Like You Choose Anderson

With a 90% client retention rate, we asked our clients why they choose Anderson when they have endless options from global engineering firms to smaller firms. 

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As a "Big Small Company" We are Flexible.

Every member of our team is empowered to take ownership and fulfill your requirements. Clients see the most success with Anderson for engineering projects under the $500k in annual spend.

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We Innovate for You.

We constantly develop and implement new methods and technolgoies that save you time and money. Our clients have saved $7.5 million vs. using legacy providers.

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We are Dedicated.

We are with you and your projects for the long-term. We create lasting solutions. With a 90% client retention rate we have been working with some clients for 20+ years.

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We are Safe.

It's not enough to be safety-minded. We place the highest value on proper risk assessment, mitigating hazards, and utmost compliance with OSHA, MSHA, and your specific requirements.

Safety integrated into our company culture

It’s not enough to be safety-minded. At Anderson Engineering, we place the highest value on proper risk assessment, mitigating hazards, and utmost compliance with OSHA, MSHA, and Client requirements. Our people are trained regularly on their roles, with awareness on behavior-based safety and daily hazard recognition. 

Your Problems are Our Next Project.

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