Civil Engineering

We provide civil engineering design services for architects, developers, facility managers, mining and energy project managers, and municipalities. With extensive experience in mining and energy, telecommunications, industrial and commercial, and REIT, we are equipped to handle any project with technical and professional expertise.

Civil Design

Our construction team is experienced in buildability and provide value-driven engineering from the get-go so you can meet your deadlines. We provide engineering design, construction drawings and specifications that meet design and building codes upon first submittal.

Land Development

30+ years of experience has made us ta champion of projects in big, master-planned engineering projects and small one-acre lot adjustments. By working with us you have a dedicated professional in your project allowing you to quickly move through conceptual design, site plan, plat maps and construction drawings. 

Site Development

An experienced, local engineer is key to keeping a project on track. At Anderson, we have a thorough handle on government regulations, permitting processes, and entitlement requirements. We maintain healthy relationships with local, state of Utah, and federal officials to make permitting, due diligence, environmental assessment, site design, and landscape architecture a certainty.

Stormwater Drainage

Proper stormwater management design is essential to protect against flooding, watershed damage, and erosion. We use a data-driven, GIS-based approach to pin-point your site specific hydrology requirements. This approach reduces design time and ultimately increases the effectiveness of your systems.

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