Environmental Mining Regulations – Complex and Burdensome


The regulatory requirements for mining, especially in the United States are highly complicated and burdensome. Companies have to navigate a complex set of regulations and approvals for everything from site selection, design, construction, operations, and closure. Local communities are increasingly rejecting mining because of perceived negative environmental and economic impacts. Even though every 100 direct-mining […]

What you need to know about air pollution in Utah.

Air pollution concept

As a local environmental company in Utah, that focuses on on-site remediation and environmental controls, we spend much time designing and implementing solutions to managed and reduce air pollutants from construction and industrial activities. During our efforts, we are often asked, “What exactly causes inversions in Utah?  How do we avoid them?”. Each year in […]

Environmental Remediation: What are the types of mines in Utah and the US?

view into an open pit mine. quarry. mining industry.

Environmental remediation in Utah occurs on a daily basis at active, closed, and abandoned mine sites.To understand the importance of environmental reclamation, it is also important to understand mining in Utah. This article provides a brief overview of the main types of mining in Utah, other types of mines, and the importance of mining to […]

What are the conventional treatment options for site remediation?

Water treatment plant for sewage waste water

The Environmental Protection Agency, other federal government agencies, States, and Tribes have been managing investigations and cleanup activities at mining and mineral processing sites for over twenty years. A large number of cleanup technological innovations have been successfully utilized in the removal and handling of mining waste . There are three major categories of technology […]

Site Remediation: Conventional Technologies for Pollution Treatment

Aerial view of southern mining factory, mine quarry in Ukraine

Conventional technologies are those that have a successful track record in mine site cleanup and site remediation. At Anderson, we have implemented many of these technologies and methods on over 100 different remediation projects across the Western United States. Conventional technologies are those that have a successful track record in mine site cleanup and site remediation. At Anderson, we […]

Steps Businesses Can Take to Ensure They Are Using Clean Energy (Guest Post)

sustainable clean energy

Throughout the past few years, companies all around the country have made it a goal to ensure that they are running as sustainably as possible. In many cases, both the public and a company’s stakeholders have demanded changes be made to the way a company conducts itself. However, it can be difficult to understand what […]

Most Common Type of Soil Contaminants in Environmental Remediation

Red polluted water stream in Geamana, Rosia Montana, Romania

Soil contamination is a form of land degradation brought by the spillage, migration, or burying of hazardous contaminants to the soil ecosystem from untreated industrial effluents, manufacturing wastes, local waste, agrochemicals, and other man-made substances or activities. Soil contaminants not only affect the soil but has an adverse effect on animal, plant, and human health […]

What are the most common methods for soil testing in an environmental characterization study?

Soil Testing. Agronomy Inspector Taking Soil Sample

Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements that accumulate in the soil due to anthropogenic activities such as mining, smelting, corrosion, and agricultural activities. These elements can be toxic to humans and plants if ingested in high quantities. Due to their high degree of toxicity, lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and mercury are among the detrimental metals […]

Site remediation of mine waste includes cleaning up the water pollution effects from mining

Chemist examining water

Mining is a common economic activity in an industrialized society, but it entails undeniable negative impacts on the environment. Water pollution is primarily associated with mining operations as mining threatens all kinds of waterways, from rivers and lakes to drinking water supplies. It is of significant concern as all lifeforms are dependent on water, and […]

The main three types of environmental remediation and reclamation

Remediation is the process of removing contaminants from sites that have been polluted from industrial, manufacturing, mining, and commercial activities. Remediation involves an all-encompassing step process of land restoration from detection, investigation, assessment, determination of remedial measure, actual clean-up, to site redevelopment. The following are different common types of remediation implemented in many polluted sites. […]