5G Cell Tower Upgrades

When do you need a structural analysis?

A Guide to Determining If and When Your Cell Phone Towers Require a New Structural Analysis.

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Engineering Design at a Fraction of the Traditional Cost.

We want to show you how we solve old engineering problems with new technologies, methods, and experienced professionals. This method makes us one of the most trusted providers of engineering design in Utah

Customized Solutions.

Civil Design

Engineering design, construction drawings, and specifications that meet design and building codes.

Site Development

Government regulations, permitting processes, and entitlement requirements to accompany the architectural design.

Stormwater Management

Proper design to protect against flooding, damage, and erosion. Our designs match the natural contours and spatial environment of your designs to meet the requirements.

Land Development

Champions of projects from one-acre lot adjustments to big, master-planned communities. Quickly move through conceptual design, site plan, plat maps, and construction drawings.

Structural Analysis and Certification

Design and analysis of foundations and structural systems incorporated via BIM modeling. For telecom our engineers provide analysis of towers, foundations, platforms, and structures to TIA/EIA standards.

Survey, LIDAR, Photo Simulation

Lidar scanning and modeling with traditional survey methods increases the technical quality of engineering design, structural analysis, and computer-aided construction drawings.

Remediation Engineering

Hydraulic design, water treatment, soil remediation, vegetation design, permitting, and construction drawings to meet design requirements.

Decommissioning and Closure Engineering

Facility closure hazard mitigation, anticipated end-use planning, and long-term sustainability, with aggressive long-term cost minimization.

Post-Construction As-Built Drawings and Documentation

Complete and accurate construction and post-construction documents. Saving time and money with site and equipment upgrades.

Are we a good fit?

We work best with clients in Mining, Energy, Industrial, Telecommunications, Commercial & REIT, and Construction.

If you work in these sectors – our products and services are specifically tailored to you and your team.

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Why Clients Like You Choose Anderson

With a 90% client retention rate, we asked our clients why they choose Anderson when they have endless options from global to small engineering firms. We present their top responses:

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You're a "Big Small" Company and Are Flexible

Every member of our team is empowered to take ownership and fulfill your requirements. Clients see the most success with Anderson for engineering projects under $500k in annual spend.

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You're Innovative and Bring New Ideas.

We constantly develop and implement new methods and technologies that save you time and money. Our clients have saved $7.5 million vs. using legacy providers.

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You're Dedicated.

We are with you and your projects for the long-term. We create lasting solutions. With a 90% client retention rate, we have been working with some clients for 20+ years.

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You're Safe.

It's not enough to be safety-minded. We place the highest value on proper risk assessment, mitigating hazards, and utmost compliance with OSHA, MSHA, and your specific requirements.

Your Problems are Our Next Project.

Save hours of online research. Start with a free consultation. Get to the root of your problem.

Passionate Doers at Big and Small Companies Use Anderson

Anderson Engineering is an amazing, creative, detailed, and action-driven partner to work with. Few people are able to go from the high-level, 30,000-foot view, to technical detail, to boots on the ground as fast and effectively as Anderson.
David Christensen
CEO, Lands Holdings Inc.
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