Environmental Services

Due Diligence and Characterization

Anderson thoroughly investigates a property to discover the known and potential environmental conditions present on site. We assess all possible environmental issues and provide our clients with a comprehensive report outlining our findings, allowing property owners to understand all liabilities of buying, selling, or developing a potential site.


Our remediation services are tailored to resolve imposing risks including engineering and environmental issues. We take it one step further though, and resolve issues involving developing, owning, and operating real estate, using our expertise to capitalize on the services that provide the biggest impact to our clients.

Long-term Operation, Management and Monitoring

Sometimes a site requires long-term maintenance, which is where the right partner can provide economic and logistical value. Anderson offers long-term plans that help you maintain your land using our proprietary technological, environmental, and financial tools.

Oil and Gas Decommissioning

We partner with large oil field clients to provide specialized project management, project planning, and human health, safety, and environmental oversight functions and construction for oil field and oil well-decommissioning projects. Our program spans five states and counting, with an excellent safety record and successful completion results. With years of oil and gas decommission experience, we can navigate government regulations, contractual obligations, and compliance, providing real results to our clients which include: BP, Rio Tinto, and more.

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Coal Mining in Utah

Is Asia really hungry for Utah coal?

The Salt Lake Tribune has quoted Atwood’s statement, “Yet Asian economies remain hungry for coal, especially coal from Utah, which packs high amounts of energy, but produces less ash and contains smaller amounts of pollution-forming

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municipal solid waste

Municipal Solid Waste and Promontory Point

There is also ample opportunity within Salt Lake City to recycle some of the waste that is typically found in landfills. Some recyclable waste types include envelopes, aluminum cans, newspapers, certain plastic containers, and cardboard. Recycling allows quality materials to be reused for new products, reducing the amount of commercial waste.

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Brownfield Site Redevelopment in Utah

As a resident of Salt Lake City, it is natural that you want to be informed about upcoming real estate development projects in your area. Maybe your region contains several brownfield sites, which could affect

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La Terre Heritage Well Decommissioning

New safer approach to plugging and abandonment As the Gulf Coast inland areas steadily diminish, many historic plugs are becoming visible above sediment line. This causes an environmental risk and navigational hazard. Anderson was retained

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

McIlhenny Heritage Well Decommissioning

Well capping from specially designed work platforms The Mcllhenny plugging and abandonment project is located in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. Due to the project’s challenging location, barges were used to straddle the well and a crane

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

St. Loius Tunnel, Rico, Colorado

Relief Well Design and Construction In 2015 a debris plug, consisting of collapsed soil and mine timbers ar the entrance to the Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado broke free, releasing three million gallons of

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