Mining companies are facing increased scrutiny from government agencies and the public.

We understand how difficult it is to navigate these regulations and public perception. We’ve been doing this for years so we know what works best. Over the last five years we have developed tools and methods that are saving miners up to 20% on environmental and engineering cost.

Streamline Engineering and Environmental Cost.

Solve Engineering and Environmental Issues with our Tools, Methods, and People.

We support mining operations, including permitting, development, operations, compliance, and closure.

Our Tools.

Improve the efficiency of your environmental compliance.

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Our Methods.

We will tailor our approach to meet your specific goals while delivering results designed to help you achieve your vision for success at every stage along the way.



Expertise in environmental and cultural resource consulting. Streamline the mine permitting process and closure.

Engineering Design

Site infrastructure and layout, mine facilities design, power services, water management, tailings management. We have the experience to deliver on your engineering needs.

Construction Management

Turn-key, Resident Engineer and Engineer of Record, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Owners Representation

Environmental Compliance

Regulatory compliance management of more than three-dozen federal laws in air, land, water and waste. Avoid fines and penalties and stay focused on mining.

On-call Engineering

Staff augments of technical teams for continued operations, growth, and capital programs. A team of experts with deep understanding of the engineering requirements of your project.

Reclamation, Remediation and Closure

Site Assessment, Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study, Remedial Design, Remedial Action, Construction, Post-Construction, LTOMM, Redevelopment.

Our People.

With Anderson, you get more benefits than with a large engineering company. You get customized services to your needs. With no managers, VPs, corporate jets, between you and us, your experience is unmatched for 20-50% less than a legacy engineering firm. You also actually work with us – not the least cost international engineer.

Experience (Yrs)
Legacy Provider
Hourly Rate
Legacy Provider

Steve Anderson, PE, SE

Civil Engineer

Steve Anderson is an engineer of record on some of the largest sites in the US. He has been working for over 30 years to clean and decontaminate land impacted by hazardous waste, with a focus on Superfund sites, RCRA Corrective Action Sites, and CERCLA Cases.

Ryan Eddy, PE, SE

Civil Engineer

Ryan Eddy is skilled in site infrastructure development, mine facilities design, water management, tailings management, and mine reclamation. Ryan has spent his career working on projects including operations such as Kennecott, Barneys Gold Mine, and BP.

Kevin Cosper, P.E.

Geologist | Civil Engineer

Kevin Cosper is an expert in environmental compliance. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the field, handling everything from air to land to water and hazardous waste. Kevin is an expert on the major federal environmental laws and how these various statues interact with one another.

Ryan Anderson, PLA

Longterm Management

Ryan Anderson is an expert is long-term operation, management and monitoring of CERCLA sites. His experience includes sit design, construction, operations and closures at Superfund hazardous waste sites throughout the U.S., including brownfield redevelopment projects.

We don't do it all. But we connect different experts to solve your problem.

Our connections and network with regulatours, industry professionals equip us with a team of experts who help you through the most pressing problems.

Not sure who to talk to? Let us save you hours of research.

Remediation and Reclamation Cost Can Exceed Return

Estimate of Cleanup Cost

Landscape Disturbance
$ 0 k
Safety Hazard
$ 0 k
Surface Water Contamination
$ 0 M
Groundwater Contamination
$ 0 M
EPA Superfund
$ 0 M

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