What We Look for in a Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

You don’t want to wait until the Big Bad Wolf comes along huffing and puffing to determine your building’s structural integrity. Long before a threat arrives, you should have a thorough structural analysis completed by a structural engineer who looks at a variety of factors. Considerations in a Structural Analysis Dead and live loads need […]

Understanding Response Reduction Factor

For structures located in earthquake-prone areas, it’s important that they’re engineered to withstand large amounts of force. The response reduction factor in structural engineering takes into account how energy is transferred during an earthquake and helps produce buildings that can ride the wave. Methods for Response Reduction When an earthquake occurs, waves of seismic energy […]

Ways Automation Will Change the Business Landscape

AI is changing the business landscape, from customer service and sales to product design as well as supply chain and supply chain management. Many of the top companies in the world are being driven by AI, whether it’s Spotify’s algorithm that decides what music you like or Alexa ordering groceries. Even if you’re not Elon […]

Automation in Pallets Will Improve the Efficiency of Stock Restoration in Warehouses

In the last few years, the demand for pallets has drastically increased in various sectors such as retail, food & beverages, chemicals, and others. Increase in technological advancements and the growing adoption of automation in the market is improving the demand in the pallets market. Pallets play a vital role in the supply chain. Due […]

Environmental Mining Regulations – Complex and Burdensome


The regulatory requirements for mining, especially in the United States are highly complicated and burdensome. Companies have to navigate a complex set of regulations and approvals for everything from site selection, design, construction, operations, and closure. Local communities are increasingly rejecting mining because of perceived negative environmental and economic impacts. Even though every 100 direct-mining […]

Fire Classifications

Having a fire extinguisher is not enough. You need to have the proper fire extinguisher. This simple poster quickly communicates the proper fire extinguisher for the proper solution. Should the nature and size of the fire make it controllable, use the appropriate available extinguisher and proceed with the methods described below: Fire Classifications A (Wood, […]

Project Cost Control for Engineering Design

What is project cost control? Project cost control involves estimating your projected budget, monitoring any of your projects’ expenses, and planning for unforeseen costs that may arise from risks in engineering and construction. As a result, cost control is also one of the most critical performance indicators for your projects. Why is cost control so […]

What you need to know about air pollution in Utah.

Air pollution concept

As a local environmental company in Utah, that focuses on on-site remediation and environmental controls, we spend much time designing and implementing solutions to managed and reduce air pollutants from construction and industrial activities. During our efforts, we are often asked, “What exactly causes inversions in Utah?  How do we avoid them?”. Each year in […]

Environmental Remediation: What are the types of mines in Utah and the US?

view into an open pit mine. quarry. mining industry.

Environmental remediation in Utah occurs on a daily basis at active, closed, and abandoned mine sites.To understand the importance of environmental reclamation, it is also important to understand mining in Utah. This article provides a brief overview of the main types of mining in Utah, other types of mines, and the importance of mining to […]