Site Remediation and Environmental Reclamation

What is site remediation?

Site remediation, or environmental reclamation, is the careful removal of pollutants or other contaminants that are affecting a site’s groundwater, soil, surface water, or sediment. Common environmental pollutants include radiation, waste, gasoline, and chemicals. The process of environmental restoration is especially crucial to protect the health of nearby residents, the surrounding ecosystems, and even existing structures. Environmental remediation seeks to eliminate these pollutants and restore the site to meet current safety and health standards.

Site contaminants are typically found in former industrial and mining areas seeking to transition into a new use or long-term management and must be eliminated prior to doing so. As a result, site remediation is typically mandated by the government or an authority specializing in environmental reclamation.

In most cases, site remediation costs are assessed to the principal responsible parties. For sites that have been abandoned or a principal responsible party is not available, the government has created the Superfund program. This Superfund grants money for environmental engineering and environmental cleanup companies to eliminate pollutants and close these properties.

As an environmental engineering company in Utah, we work with our clients from assessment to site closure to ensure that land is fully reclaimed for future usage or long-term management. Our team will provide multiple options to restore your site and seek to keep you informed throughout the entire process. We understand that environmental reclamation has the potential to be a time-consuming, expensive process. That is why we are proud to offer premier technologies and results-oriented strategies to deliver to you a comprehensive plan of action for your environmental remediation project. These advanced survey and risk assessment tools ensure that your site is being managed to the best of our ability to reduce your associated costs.

Our environmental restoration experts are ready to serve your needs by redeveloping your brownfield sites to meet safety and health regulations for your peace of mind.

Our Environmental Remediation Services:

Our environmental restoration experts are ready to serve your needs by reclaiming and redeveloping your property to meet safety and health regulations for your peace of mine. We have experience with the following environmental remediation techniques:

  • Management of community and stakeholder involvement for waste remediation
  • Scoping studies of mining, mineral, and industrial impact areas
  • Site investigations and characterization studies
  • Remediation and cleanup options
    • Chemical treatment
    • Stabilization
    • Solidfication
    • Thermal Desorption
    • Therman Destruction
    • Vapor Extraction
    • Solvent Extraction
    • Soil Washing
    • Soil Flushing
    • Decontamination of Buildings
    • Encapsulation (soil capping remediation)
    • Landfill Disposal and Soil Remediation
    • Cutoff Walls
    • Pumping Groundwater
    • Capping
    • Detention/Sedimentation
    • Settling Basins
    • Interceptor Trenches
    • Erosion Controls
    • Diversions
    • Stream Channel Erosion Controls
    • Sale of Useable Materials
    • Remining/Reprocessing
    • Bioremediation

Have a site remediation project? We have a solution.

Tell us more about your environmental remediation project and we’ll tell you how Anderson can provide an answer.

At Anderson, we are committed to the long-term success of your environmental reclamation projects just like these.

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