Land Surveying and LIDAR Scanning

Our team of licensed surveyors is available to be part of your project team. We commit to providing you with distinctly better service by providing personalized solutions to your survey (ATLA, topography), GIS mapping and LIDAR scanning and modeling needs. Our experience includes performing LIDAR scanning and data collection at remote and hard to access locations ensure no return trips are required. As part of our LIDAR scanning, we have developed methods and techniques to integrate information collected in the field (soil samples and test, cell phone tower arrays, structural elements, etc.) into our 3D models. These models are later used for design and options analysis, quantity calculations and surface modeling. The renderings reduce time and cost by better communicating the present conditions to everyone involved.

We pride ourselves on our fast turn-around. Our field surveys are completed by Professional Licensed Surveyors who are MSHA and HAZWOPER trained. As a company, we are Browz and PIC’s certified.

  • Land Surveying
  • Construction site survey
  • ALTA survey
  • Engineering survey
  • Construction quantity survey
  • As-built construction survey
  • Utility survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Quantity survey
  • Transportation
  • Digital terrain model
  • Digital elevation model
  • Topography
  • 3D Scanning and modeling

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Grants New Mexico, 911 System implementation
Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

GIS Mapping for Grants, New Mexico

Mapping all city streets, subdivisions, city lots, major features, and city utilities Anderson Engineering completed a GIS mapping of the city of Grants, NM. The mapping included all city streets, subdivisions, various city lots and

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

Rio Tinto Kennecott Sitewide Soil Management

Soil Characterization, Remediation, and Reporting Anderson provides field environmental services on behalf of Rio Tinto Kennecott. One of the largest mining and processing operations in the world. Today, the second-largest copper producer in the US,

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Portfolio - Anderson Engineering

Bluewater Uranium Mill

First Title II Uranium Facility Accepted by US DOE for Long-term Operation and Maintenance. The Bluewater Uranium Mill was the second-largest Title II uranium processing facility in the Western Hemisphere and the first post-closure site

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At Anderson Engineering, we are prepared to offer our clients the complete breadth of our 30+ years of proficiency. We invest in the most advanced technology and the most capable people, offering our clients’ decades of problem-solving and know-how.

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Telecommunications Engineering

When is a structural analysis required for a cell tower?

Introduction Traffic growth on wireless broadband networks is exploding. Carriers are struggling to keep up with the increased traffic, while creating new plans to attract users to consume more data. To keep up with this demand they are deploying more equipment than ever including fifth-generation (5G) technology to keep up.

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Site Remediation: Conventional Technologies for Pollution Treatment

Conventional technologies are those that have a successful track record in mine site cleanup and site remediation. At Anderson, we have implemented many of these technologies and methods on over 100 different remediation projects across the Western United States. In performing environmental reclamation and site remediation projects, there are three

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Coal Mining in Utah

Is Asia really hungry for Utah coal?

The Salt Lake Tribune has quoted Atwood’s statement, “Yet Asian economies remain hungry for coal, especially coal from Utah, which packs high amounts of energy, but produces less ash and contains smaller amounts of pollution-forming sulfur than most of the world’s coal.” (Paywall) From this statement, I wanted to

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What are the conventional treatment options for site remediation?

The Environmental Protection Agency, other federal government agencies, States, and Tribes have been managing investigations and cleanup activities at mining and mineral processing sites for over twenty years. A large number of cleanup technological innovations have been successfully utilized in the removal and handling of mining waste . There are

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