We offer a wide range of telecommunication tower engineering services including design and analysis of towers, foundations, platforms, building roofs, schools, and numerous other structures that support the telecommunications industry. Our work is done in compliance with local and state structural requirements, the Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industries Association (TIA/EIA) Standard and local tower owner requirements. We optimize our projects through creative work packaging, sequencing, and design innovation, all while saving clients money by reducing capital and lifecycle cost.

Environmental Assessments

With 30 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the most important environmental regulations (NEPA, RCRA, Endangered Species, etc.) affecting your facility communications tower design. We provide Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, environmental impact studies, NEPA compliance audits and assessments and more – giving you the solutions you need every time.

Survey, LIDAR, Photo Simulation

We combine LIDAR scanning and modeling with traditional land survey methods to provide you with more accurate data and information versus  traditional surveying. This improves the technical quality of the engineering design, structural analysis, and construction drawings. For most of our tower communication design packages we provide topographical, ALTA, engineering and quantity surveys through LIDAR scanning and modeling, traditional survey, GPS, and GIS data collection.

Site Development

Our team of civil engineers and construction managers deliver your tower telecommunications design from the start of environmental assessments to engineering design drawings and the final construction bid package. The most common engineering design services we provide include site plan layout and design, permitting, engineering feasibility drawings and construction drawings. We provide practical strategies that address risks while maintaining our client’s business objectives.

Structural Analysis and Certification

Our structural engineers provide design and analysis of towers, foundations, platforms, rooftops, and various other structures that form the basis of the telecommunications industry. Our analysis is completed in accordance with the Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industries Association (TIA/EIA) Standard and local building and permitting requirements. The Anderson engineers who perform this work also perform the field work, which saves money and accelerates the project timeline.

Construction Management and Project Coordination

Our staff of experienced project managers and construction managers plan and execute the construction or upgrades on your communications tower. As the construction progresses we provide safety management, construction inspections, structural inspections, and engineering inspections to ensure the design and specifications are fulfilled.

Construction and Post-Construction Documentation

Having a complete and accurate set of construction and post-construction documents saves you time and money when the next generation of communication equipment are ready for deployment. Our field engineers include details in the final as-built drawings that make your next project easier and simpler. We also load all the collected information, drawings, and documentation into our GIS database and mapping systems. This provides a single-source for all of your project information available online.

Engineering is more than technical expertise. It’s a collaborative effort that incorporates technical skill with innovative consulting, management, and workforce.

At Anderson Engineering, we are prepared to offer our clients the complete breadth of our 30+ years of proficiency. We invest in the most advanced technology and the most capable people, offering our clients’ decades of problem-solving and know-how.

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