engineers making a site plan

How Site Planning Helps Save Time and Money

If you’re planning to embark on an engineering project, it’s essential to have a site plan drawn up before work begins. 

What Is an Engineering Site Plan?

To put it simply, a site plan is a bird’s eye view of the proposed development, showing the location of buildings, roads, and other features on the property. Having all this information at hand helps you and your various crews ensure the project will proceed smoothly and according to the approved design. 

Other Aspects of a Site Plan

In addition to showing the locations of various features, a site plan may also include information on the grades of slopes, existing trees, and other natural features. This information is used to determine where construction can take place and how it will impact the surrounding environment

How a Site Plan Saves Time

Often, time is money, so having a site plan that can prevent a loss of time usually translates into preventing loss of money. Here are some specific ways a site plan from Anderson Engineering can save you time on your next project.

Fewer Surprises

When you have a site plan, you know what you’re getting into. You know that certain existing structures need to stay or be cleared from the property. You know where the waterways are, where existing gas lines are buried, and how power lines crisscross the property. With this information, you can plan how to get equipment on site safely, and what paths it can take without causing damage. With a site plan, you’ll know where you can and can’t dig, so you won’t waste time working on the wrong area of a property.

Team Coordination

If everyone is working from the same set of plans, there’s better coordination amongst different teams. The engineers, architects, and contractors can avoid potential conflicts and delays that eat up a lot of time some projects don’t have the luxury of wasting.

Regulatory Compliance

Red tape can slow a project down faster than you can blink. With a proper site plan, you can ensure your project is following all regulatory requirements. In many cases, local authorities actually require a site plan before they’ll grant permits for any work to begin. So, ensure you can get started right away by doing the necessary fieldwork before breaking ground.

How Site Planning Saves Money 

Besides helping you save money, there are specific ways a site plan can save you money.

Insurance Approval

Sometimes a site plan is required for your project to be approved for insurance. Insurance providers need to know the risk assessment of your project before granting you a policy; the site plan should spell that out clearly for review.

A site plan can save money by reducing liability risk as well. If your project complies with local regulations, you’re less likely to be surprised by any potential on-site hazards; your site plan lays those out so your workers can take the necessary steps to mitigate risk. This can also help expedite the insurance approval process or get you a better deal on the policy.

Construction Costs

Site planning can also reduce construction costs since you will know how to best optimize space on the site. For example, if a certain corner has been shown to be less than ideal for construction, you won’t waste more resources on that area and can repurpose it during the project- you might leave vegetation there as-is instead of spending the money to clear it. 

Environmental Considerations

It can cost a lot to remediate unfavorable environmental impacts of a project. Your site plan can help ensure the work you’re setting out to do is designed to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Let’s say the area where you plan to work is prone to flooding; measures can be taken to not only minimize the risk for your crew but to minimize the risk of pollution or contamination to the environment.

Marketing Value

What good is a project if you don’t have potential buyers lined up? Once a site plan is complete, you can get started marketing the property to buyers or renters. The site plan will give them a clear idea of what the development will look like, and if it’s a good fit for their business.

If you need help developing a site plan for your next project, contact Anderson Engineering today.