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How Civil Engineering Provides A Positive Environmental Impact

Building clean and efficient systems/structures benefits people and environmental impact. A healthy earth means healthy people.  The goal of civil engineering is to build physical structures or systems that improve the quality of life of the people using them. The more a system or structure is made to reduce its impact on the environment, the more people and the earth benefit from it. 


Surveying is one of the most crucial aspects of civil engineering. It deals with inspecting land to be developed, the lines between public and private land, and drawing up plans for building. The natural land that is built on is saved unnecessary development due to this integral part of the engineering process. The process also includes inspecting current and older structures to ensure safety and impact. When a building is “up to code” it has been surveyed properly. 

Civil Engineer

Civil engineering encompasses a myriad of skills to perform. It deals with the design of major transportation projects, water supply, sewage treatment, construction, and maintenance. There are about five types of civil engineering projects. Construction and management, structural, geotechnical, transport, and water engineering. 

Environmental Engineering

Environmental considerations have to be taken into account when embarking on a new project. Environmental engineering is applying scientific methods to help improve the quality of human life and surrounding natural ecosystems. All branches of engineering take the natural landscape of an area into account but environmental engineering specifically works to provide a positive impact on nature. 

Anderson Engineering has been trusted in business big and small since 1985. Some of the partnerships made over the years include: 

  • T-Mobile
  • BP
  • L3 Technologies
  • Northrop Grumman

Buildings such as offices, houses, and businesses make up about 40% of the global energy usage and produce about a third of global gas emissions. Using innovative methods can help reduce or eliminate certain impacts on nature. Some of the projects Anderson Engineering has worked on include notable and recognizable structures including, Rio Tinto Kennecott’s sitewide soil management. For over eight years Anderson Engineering has provided Rio Tinto Kennecott with outstanding soil management. Other projects include providing clean water for Falco’s Children Village. Part of the solution provided for the orphanage was to have zero impact on the groundwater and have a sustainable design. Solutions like these help reduce the negative impact on an environment and create a more livable space for humans and wildlife.


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