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Why Are Ethics so Important in Civil Engineering?

Good buildings are built by good people. Keeping with good ethics and values is what keeps buildings as strong as the physical materials they’re built with. Anderson Engineering aims to keep with good ethics and good building practices. It all starts with a good plan.

Anderson Engineering has been integral to the maintenance and building of several Utah landmarks, just some of which include:

Why ARE ethics important? If an apartment building isn’t up to code, it’s not livable. Building something without keeping families and people in mind results in poor construction. Anderson Engineering is one of Utah’s biggest engineering companies and it’s always maintained a high code of ethics on the job site. Ethics are what we owe to each other. Every transaction, every handshake, and every good turn is what builds up our relationship with businesses, clients, and other people. Anderson Engineering strives to keep a high standard of engineering ethics that keep people in mind and keep people safe. Good ethics should be synonymous with good business practices and good building practices. 

The Site 

Construction sites themselves are rife with dangers and potential health hazards. Loud machinery could damage someone’s hearing. Toxic chemicals used could spill, potentially injuring someone quite seriously. Without a strong code of ethics and strict safety guidelines, someone could get hurt. Wearing protective equipment is crucial to the safety of the crew. Hardhats, gloves, and reflective vests are not an uncommon sight during construction and help to keep people visible and protected.  Many engineers are trained in basic medical first aid. Something that is invaluable should an accident occur. Proper training on all the machines being used as well as assessing potential risks are an integral part of keeping the worksite safe. The International Labor Organization estimates there are 2.3 million workplace-related deaths each year. A grim and titanic number that can be reduced by good workplace safety practices. 


Traffic accidents are the most common concern of civil engineers. There were about 36,000 accidents in 2019 and 10,000 of them occurred at an intersection. Even just proper signage can help prevent this. Creating a roundabout instead of a sharp turn can help the flow of traffic and even allow larger transportation trucks access to this area without having to turn too tightly for it to be safe. If it’s preventable, it should be considered in the initial planning stage. Something as simple as creating smoother roads to help reduce tire wear can be a monumental help. Keeping a structure ready for any potential extreme weather. For instance, a building that is built on a coast needs to be braced for potential flooding and wind storms.

In 1986 the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion shocked and horrified the world. This is an extreme but, still relevant example of how if the people at NASA had simply listened to the engineers’ concerns, lives could have been saved. While projects may get delayed or canceled it is always better to do so if the people using this structure will not be safe. Keep people in mind, keep ethics in mind. 

This all may seem like a list of overly cautious concerns and tragedies, but without remembering the basics, things can go south pretty quickly. Anderson Engineering provides modern solutions for modern engineering projects. Ethics are intertwined with civil engineering, in the way that building efficient and safe structures are what helps keep people safe. Civil Engineers are held to a code of ethics that keeps them honest and working with people in mind.


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